Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)

On Sept. 8th I had hip surgery in your hospital (Memorial Hermann). Dr. Stefan Kreuzer was my surgeon. I had been having significant pain in my right hip for over 2 years and had been told by several doctors that I had arthritis and would have to wait for it to become much worse before anything could be done. Dr. Kreuzer was able to identify anterior femoroacetabular impingement instead. He was able to correct the condition successfully. I am writing to thank you for providing the special table that was used in my surgery. I know that it is expensive and not many hospitals have them. Without that table, I would still be in pain and have difficulty walking. I can now play with my grandchildren, walk without a limp and enjoy life once more – a true gift. I am so grateful to Memorial Hermann and to Dr. Kreuzer. The recovery was quick and easy. Because of your hospital and this talented doctor I am living pain free once again – a true blessing. Thank you and may God bless your hospital and the work done there.

Nancy O’Gorman

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