Kip Petroff

I am a lawyer in Dallas who needed help from Dr. Kreuzer regarding a former patient. Most doctors would have deliberately played hard to get or dodged my phone calls. Not Dr. Kreuzer! He and his staff worked hard to help me even though they didn’t have to. I am very grateful and would recommend Dr. K. to anyone with ortho problems. Thanks!

Carroll Wade Pogue

Pogue Carroll Wade Pogue, died Thursday, October 13 following an eight month struggle with declining health. He was born in O’Donnell, Texas, November 19, 1925, to Chester Pogue and Mamie Cogburn Pogue. He spent his childhood and teen years in Throckmorton, Texas, until he joined the Navy in March 1944. He was discharged in May 1946, having spent fourteen months of sea duty in the Pacific.


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