Hip Replacement

Mini Hip Replacement

My name is Gregg Johnston. You performed a mini hip replacement on me 12/5/2018. I wanted to email you and tell you what a fantastic job you did. I am a cyclist. I was very concerned about being able to ride again. You told me I would be better than my past two years of cycling while dealing with my arthritic hip. You were right. Not only am i 100% pain free but i am stronger than i have been in quite some time. My riding group is amazed at my mechanics on the bike and how strong I am now. I started riding approx. 10 weeks after surgery with the approval of Dr. Lancaster. Last week I just completed a 72 mile bike ride around Lake Tahoe with a lot of climbing. My hip did great. My friends and family were truly amazed at my accomplishment.

Gregg Johnston

Gregg J.

Your work on my hip continues to have great results


Peter M.

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