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Jerry H.

Thirty days have gone by and I am now (waited to see the results) going to write a letter to Foundation Surgical Hospital as well as post this to the Rotary District 5890 website which is looked at by over 4000 Rotarians plus their family and friends. Dr. K and the Mako Plasty procedure should be shared with the world. As far as I am concerned this truly is a medical miracle. Walking without pain is the most wonderful thing. It really changed my life. I will always be in your debt.

On 10/31/07 I had a partial knee replacement operation. I walked (sort of) in like a duck, and at 9:30 they took me to the OR and I was back in my room by 1:00. At 1:30 a nurse came and said it was time to walk. I walked without a limp, cane or knee pain. The arthritic knee joint cannot have gone past a certain stage, but if a person is there it is like a miracle. If you would like to see this computer driven surgery info go to My surgeon, Dr. Stefan Kreuzer, was very skillful and more than great, and the Mako Surgical computer controlled the boundaries of the drill so the hole for the implant was perfect. If a person could use this procedure that would be wonderful. There are only 5 of these machines in the world, one of which is here in Houston at Foundation Surgical Hospital and there only two surgeons in Houston certified to use the machine. I know in my heart that my doctor is the best! I am going to write an article for the Rotary District website. There are a lot of Rotarians in the 50 to 70 age group that could benefit.

Please note that I do daily exercises and take walks to strengthen my leg and get the range of motion in my knee back. It is great to walk without pain (I get very emotional about this!). I also lost 26 pounds which I needed to do anyway, but good physical shape improves the outcome of anything.

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