Why Choose INOV8

For patients, the surgical experience can be burdensome and frightening. One of the fundamental goals of our surgery center is to improve the experience for our patients. This extends from their actual surgical outcomes to their happiness and satisfaction in dealing with our facility’s staff. Once again, aside from being a fundamentally good thing to do, creating happier patients also creates patients that are easier to treat, creating fewer complications for the surgery center’s work flow. By emphasizing the service aspect of our practice, we are emulating some of the best aspects of concierge medicine practices, where service to the patient is paramount.

Much of improving our patient’s experience can be achieved procedurally. By mindfully and deliberately considering each step of our patient’s interaction with our facility we can curate the experience we want our patients to have. Each point at which a patient interacts with us represents an input for their perception of service we perform, and our commitment to service will be evident at each of those points. Minimizing redundant paperwork through effective use of EMR systems, effectively implementing patient registration, and minimizing wait times are examples of ways we can improve patient experience, and ultimately how satisfied they are with the services we perform.

The grand result of our efforts will be our surgical outcomes. By employing the best surgeons, equipping them with the best technology and training, and creating a phenomenal work environment, our patients will have the best standard of care in the industry. The operational efficiency that results from the confluence of our business practices will also enable us to maximize the number of patients we can give high quality service to. In putting all these pieces in place, our high standard of care will continue to drive patient volume to our facility, becoming the key to its ongoing success as a sustainable business.

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