Anterior Mini Hip Replacement


Today’s patients have redefined primary hip replacement through elevated expectations and clinical requirements. MiniHip™, a bone conserving hip replacement, has been specifically designed to address these needs.


Combining the bone conserving benefits of hip resurfacing with the stability of traditional total hip replacement, MiniHip™ provides a solution for today’s challenging, active patient.


Proximal neck geometry Innovatively designed ‘fit and fill’ neck geometry ensures immediate and long-term proximal stability, allowing increased activity levels.


Short stem design Explicitly designed for bone conservation, the short stem is implanted through a mid-neck resection, leaving the diaphysis intact and promoting an earlier return to activity.


Cementless Bi-coat Proven cementless Bi-coat uses an initial scratch fit, creating the necessary friction to promote bone integration for an enduring implant in the active patient (1,2,).

MiniHip introduction.jpg

Versatility Intra-operative flexibility allows a seamless transition between hip resurfacing and total hip replacement, coupled with a range of high performance bearings to provide dedicated patient-matched solutions.


Specialised instrumentation designed for all smaller incision approaches, combined with a practical three-stage technique, provides for reproducible results and optimises theatre efficiency.



With its bone conserving stem and range of articulations, MiniHip™ provides a solution for today’s challenging and active patient:

  • Short stem to conserve bone for a less invasive procedure.
  • Titanium alloy for increased bio-compatibility.
  • Multiple high performance articulations.
  • Polished slim neck for increased range of motion.
  • Mid-neck resection for preservation of the femoral neck.
  • Fins for increased rotational stability.
  • Medial curve following medial calcar radius for a more anatomical bone conserving fit.
  • Bi-coat for initial fixation and osteointegration(1,2).
  • Polished distal tip to prevent distal fixation, may help to reduce the risk of anterior thigh pain(3).
  • Nine sizes with increasing neck length for a proportional fit.

Instrumentation Specialised instrumentation designed for all small incision approaches, in combination with a practical operative technique, provides for reproducible results and optimises theatre efficiency.

The MiniHip™ single-tray system takes into consideration the modern day, theatre environment:

MiniHip instrumentation
  • Versatile instrumentation allows the MiniHip™ stem to be implanted through the surgeon’s routine approach.
  • MiniHip instrumentation
  • Innovatively designed instrumentation provides access to the hip through all smaller incision approaches.
  • MiniHip instrumentation
  • The dedicated double offset handles have been incorporated into the instrumentation for a small incision approach(1).
  • The simplified tray system provides for minimal handling time and maximum theatre efficiency.
  • The three intra-operative steps allow an easier, more reproducible procedure.

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